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Welcome to the NEW weetbix cards website!

More FAQ will be added soon.

Q Is the website ready yet?
A No, this site is 'under construction'. Please check back later. Only the 'Classified' section is available at the moment. CLICK HERE FOR THE CLASSIFIEDS
Q I would like to buy or swap some weetbix cards,- what do I do?
A CLICK HERE AND POST A MESSAGE ON THE FORUM (Please do not contact us direct regarding cards)
Q Who do I pay if I buy from the classifieds listings.
A You pay the seller direct. We are not responsible for collecting payments, item descriptions etc.
Q What types of items can I list?
A Anything to do with cereal collectables and trading cards. The main focus of this site is for weetbix trading cards and Sanitarium collectables, but other genre's are permitted as long as they are of relevance to this objective.
Q Does it cost anything to list my swaps and what is the 'small print'?
A We do not charge any fees for this service,- TOTALLY FREE. The only 'small print' is the usual,- ie you are responsible for your own listings (accuracy etc), finalizing sales,  etc. Also, we are not responsible for any server downtime, computer errors, buyer/seller relations etc. Service may be discontinued without notice.
Q I am looking for a couple of cards to complete my set?
A Submit your request to the forum post.
Q What do I do if my advert on the old message board is answered?
A Just email us and let us know, and we'll remove your message. It is best to try and keep the message board as up to date as possible.
Q Classifieds page listing doesn't show correct information?
A Refresh your browser and the updated details will appear.